For those in the Sonic Beat beta, this is the place for cataloging everything that still needs to be fixed before the general release. You may report bugs in several ways:

  • Use the "Leave Feedback" section of the game, found in the main menu.
  • E-mail us directly
  • Add to this wiki below

What we are looking for:

Please keep a keen eye out for any of the following:

  • Crashes!
    • If the game crashes, please tell us where it crashed. Can you make it crash the same way more than once? Let us know.
  • Performance Issues!
    • Not all devices are created equal, but we might be able to fix some of them. Please tell us your device make and model immediately if the game
      • Runs slowly
      • Chugs along
      • Drops inputs
      • Can't seem to be calibrated
  • Bugs!
    • Anything that doesn't perform as expected is a bug. Tell us what you expected to happen and how the game didn't meet your expectations. Known bugs will be listed below.
  • Missing Features!
    • We're not promising your favorite feature will be implemented, but we want to hear about it.
  • Calibration Settings!
    • Do you feel confident in your device's calibration? Please share it with us and include the make and model of your phone or tablet.

Known Issues


Device Incompatibility

  • iOS 6 and below are not supported. Sorry.
  • Android OS below 4.4 Kitkat is not supported. Sorry.
  • The following devices meet the minimum specifications but have performance issues:
    • Galaxy Tab 3 (poor frame rate)
    • LG G3 (FPS degrades over time)
    • Nexus 7 2012 (poor frame rate)


Music and Sound Effects

Graphics and Animation

Song Charts

Charting Process

Game Engine

  • Hold notes and BPM
    • Currently, hold note duration is calculated using the tempo of the note head. Do not place tempo changes in the middle of hold notes, as this will result in a hold note of an incorrect length.
  • Very fast BPM
    • Sonic Beat is limited to 600 beats per minute. Songs that exceed this will not import.
      • Fixed! In update 4. Sonic Beat's BPM restriction has been eased to 1800 BPM. As far as we can determine, this meets or exceeds the limitations of StepMania.
  • 192nd notes
    • Sonic Beat has a maximum quantization of 1/64th of a beat. Placing 192nd notes in your chart will produce an error and the song will not import.
      • Fixed! In update 4. Sonic Beat's game engine can handle notes of all quantizations.
  • Negative stops and negative BPM
    • Sonic Beat is not designed to play "artistic" tracks that employ charting edge cases that produce fun visual effects in the StepMania engine. Please report any crashes that result of these kinds of charts, but do understand we will not be implementing such features.
  • Partial-beat stops
    • Regardless of charting, stops can be no shorter than one beat. Including these stops will result in music desync.
      • Fixed! In update 3. Sonic Beat can handle all Stops of arbitrary length.

StepMania Importer

  • Malformed Simfiles
    • Some charters get a little crazy with the format. Problems with DOM or comments out of place can cause unexpected issues with the simfile importer. We do our best to work around most of these problems, so please report broken simfiles to us when you find them. If the file is simply invalid to begin with, however, there may not be much we can do from our end.

Recommended Calibration Settings:


  • 10ms appears to be standard across all iOS devices.


  • Amazon
    • Kindle HD7x: 240ms
  • Google
    • Nexus 5: 120ms
    • Nexus 7 2012: 60ms
    • Nexus 7 2013: 100ms
  • LG
    • G3: 100ms
  • Motorola
    • Moto X 2014: 190ms
  • Samsung
    • Note 5: 190ms
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